The Wilderness Sessions

a kettle in a camping site


We put up shelters and build fires to keep us warm and dry whilst we're outside

We build community and confidence

We support each other and learn new skills

What Is Wilderness Therapy?

Wilderness therapy is a form of adventure therapy that involves outdoor activities for people who are dealing with emotional and behavioural issues. Wilderness therapy usually takes place in a natural setting, such as a woodland, beach or meadow. It can also take place in a city park, if there ae enough wild spaces available. Wilderness therapy is used as a tool to help to promote personal growth, self-reflection and emotional healing, gently encouraging participants to step out of their comfort zone, confront challenges and work together as a group to overcome obstacles.

Foraging for wild food and medicine

Wild craft

Nature craft

Bushcraft (such as lighting fires, putting up shelters, cooking over a fire)

Group therapy


Forest bathing

Wild swimming

We facilitate activities and discussions that aim to empower participants to develop self-awareness, build confidence, improve communication skills and effective management of personal emotions.

The immersive and challenging nature of Wilderness Therapy can be a powerful and unique therapeutic experience.

a basket full of twigs

How Can Wilderness Therapeutic Experiences Help You?

The physical and mental health benefits of spending time in natural wild settings are well documented, with an increasing body of scientific evidence. Simply visiting a natural area and walking in a relaxed way can have many restorative benefits.  They include:

Improved sleep

Reduced blood pressure

Reduced stress

Improved mood

Improved cognitive function

Faster recovery from surgery or illness

Higher energy levels

Boosted immune functioning, with an increase in the count of the body’s Natural Killer (NK) cells

Making this part of our regular practice has longer term benefits including:

Deeper and clearer intuition

Increased flow of energy

Higher capacity to communicate with the land and it’s species

Increasing feelings of wholeness and life force

Strengthening of friendships

Overall expanded feelings of happiness

Wilderness therapy draws upon the many scientifically proven benefits that the natural environment has to offer to deliver effective therapeutic outcomes for participants.  All activities offer participants the opportunity to build self-esteem and confidence as well as time for reflection and recovery.

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