Code of Conduct & Terms and Conditions

Code of Conduct

As an outdoor therapeutic practitioner, The Little Foragers Kitchen aims to cultivate and promote the value and importance of outdoor learning experiences in a safe, sustainable and fun way.  The Little Foragers Kitchen agrees to:

Keep people safe physically and psychologically

Know and operate within the levels of their current competence

Demonstrate equality, diversity, inclusivity and respect to all

Assist people in their development to achieve their potential

Guide people to achieve their desired outcomes

Actively promote, care and respect the environment

Engage in reflective practise and continuing professional development

Principles of Practice

 The Little Foragers Kitchen is a member of The Association of Foragers, an international professional foragers association, promoting sustainability and ecological stewardship through teaching and harvesting wild plants and fungi for use as food, drink and medicine.  Below are the principles of practice as set out by The Association of Foragers that The Little Foragers Kitchen follows.


 There are questions which come up on a regular basis so here we have tried to answer them for you.

 Are your events child friendly?

Yes, most of our events are child friendly.  There will be some that are not suitable for children, and this will be stated clearly in the details of the event.  Children must be supervised at all times by a parent or adult during the event.  Some of the routes taken on our events may be challenging for very young children, unless you are happy to carry them for the duration of the event.

Are dogs allowed to come to events?

If you wish to bring your dog along to an event, please contact us before you book as some events may not be suitable.

 Are the events suitable for wheelchair users?

Due to the nature of where the events take place, it is not possible to guantee that all paths and routes will be suitable for either wheelchairs or pushchairs.  Please get in touch before booking a specific event to find out more.

What should I wear?

As Alfred Wainright wrote in his 1973 book, ‘Coast to Coast’,

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing”

Never was a truer statement made.  Please check the weather forecast ahead of the event you are booked on and dress accordingly.  We always advise bringing along a waterproof jacket and several lighter layers that can be easily removed or put back on as the Scottish weather can be unpredictable, with all four seasons in one day at times.  Waterproof trousers are also strongly recommended for events where you may be sitting or kneeling on the ground and at the very least, to wear long trousers to protect your legs against brambles, nettle stings and most importantly against Tick bites.

 In all cases, sturdy waterproof boots or shoes are required to be worn by all attendees, preferably with some ankle support, to protect against water, cuts, scratches, and bites.  Anyone who turns up in sandals or flip flops will not be allowed to attend as incidents in the field that require medical attention impact all the attendees, not just the injured party.

 Attendees of events that require specific equipment or clothing, will receive an email detailing what they need to bring along.

What if I have special dietary requirements?

All the events involve wild food of some description.  We will try to cater for most dietary requirements; however, a minimum of 1 months’ notice is required for events where a full meal will be provided.  For some events it may not be possible to cater for some allergies, for example it will not be possible to cater for coeliacs/gluten/wheat intolerance at a wild pizza event.  Please contact us before booking a particular event to discuss your dietary requirements beforehand.

Terms and Conditions

 Please read these terms and conditions carefully before buying a voucher or place on any of our events.  Once a completed booking has been accepted, all the attendees named on the booking form, will have entered into a binding contract on the basis of these terms and conditions.

 If you have any questions about them, please contact us via the contact page.

Booking and Payment

Bookings are confirmed once full payment has been received.

If you have a gift voucher, please contact us for a discount code to apply during the booking process.

Places on all public sessions are offered on a first come first served basis.


Public Events

Cancellations received up to a month prior to the event date will be issued with a voucher for an alternative event.

Cancellations received within a month of the event will only receive a voucher if the place can be filled, otherwise the event fee is non-refundable.

Private Events

Cancellations of bookings for a private group received up to two months prior to the event will be offered an alternative date or a full refund.

Cancellations of a private group booking received within two months of the event, are non-refundable and there will be no alternative date offered.

 Attendees who have been removed/not allowed to join an event because of personal conduct will not be offered a refund.  Please see health and safety information below.

In the unlikely instance of The Little Foragers Kitchen having to cancel an event, a full refund will be issued to all people attending. 

Any associated costs attendees incur for joining an event, including travel and accommodation, will not be the responsibility of The Little Foragers Kitchen should an event be cancelled.  Any additional costs are at the attendee’s own risk.  If this is a concern, we advise taking travel insurance out to cover the trip in case of cancellation.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers must be used 12 months within their date of purchase.  After this period, The Little Foragers Kitchen cannot be held responsible for the unclaimed voucher and no refund or replacement will be issued.

It is the responsibility of the voucher holder to keep an eye on events as they are published over the 12 month period that the voucher is valid. 

No voucher or refund will be issued to any voucher holder who is unable to attend any of the scheduled events.

Voucher holders who book on to an event that costs less than the value of their voucher, will not be able to redeem the remaining value of the voucher or use it towards another event.

 Health and Safety

 By booking onto any event ran by The Little Foragers Kitchen, all attendees agree to follow the guidance of the event leader/s.

The Little Foragers Kitchen is not responsible for the health of any individuals who consume or take home for consumption, any species of flora or fauna that has not been identified as safe for consumption by the event leader/s.

Individuals attending an event by The Little Foragers Kitchen must acknowledge that other attendees on the event are entitled to expect a high standard of conduct and regard for personal well being by other attendees of the event.  For this reason, all attendees accept that the event leader/s, may, at their absolute discretion and without need to give reason, arrange for an attendee to be removed from the event, if necessary, against the attendees will.

The circumstances in which removal of an attendee may occur include, without limitation, disorderly, discriminatory, or abusive conduct, intoxication, inadequate clothing or equipment, incapacity, or inability to meet the challenges of the event.

In such circumstances, the attendee will not be entitled to a refund of any money and The Little Foragers Kitchen will not be liable for any losses as result of these circumstances.  The attendee will reimburse The Little Foragers Kitchen for any reasonable costs because of their removal from an event.


 All of our events are outdoors activities and will run in all weather unless there is a severe warning in place by the Met Office.  Refunds or vouchers will not be issued to those choosing not to attend because of inclement weather conditions.

Photos and Film

Occasionally there will be photographs and film taken during public events to be used for marketing purposes.  Attendees not wishing for their image to be used must let us know upon booking or during the event.

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